Last Update: 09/11/2018


Joint Starting Capital:

Investors' Funds

Venture Capital

Max. Performance:

Max. Drawdown:

03. August 2018

906.250 Euro

725.000 Euro

181.250 Euro

4,20 %

0,94 %


No risk? On the stock market?

I know countless ways of making money on the world's financial markets. Or losing it. Everyone knows that you can't make money on the stock market if you don't take risks. This is a well-known wisdom.

But what we also know is that there is not one asset manager in the world who takes a share of its investors' losses. I am changing that today.

Our offer is already fair and transparent. So where does the 'unique' come in?

Simple: We are fully liable for your risk.


Uwe Schubert | Founder & Partner | inveus trading

Joint Vestor Video

The concept.

Briefly explained by our private investors Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones...

Your investment. Our liability. In cash!

Where is the catch?

There is no catch. Really, no kidding.

We don't talk about risk anymore. We simply insure it: we add 25% of our own liability investment to your starting capital as collateral before our joint venture even starts.

The Leverage effect

With our 'insurance', you not only participate in a beneficial business, you also benefit from a potentially higher profit

we split the potential profit with you 50/50 over the total amount of the starting capital including our liability investment. In our business, this means:

we leverage each other's starting capital.


What do we do differently on the stock market?

inveus trading is a proprietary trading firm and has been active on international financial markets since 2008. At the beginning of 2015 we have committed ourselves to automatic trading systems.

Why have we stopped discretionary trading? For us, fully automated trading has three clear advantages over discretionary trading, i.e. manual trading on the stock market:

Algorithms fully eliminate human emotions. Algos execute a predetermined trading strategy without any emotion

Higher return on profits through non-stop 24/5 liquid forex trading, the world's highest-selling financial market

Best price/performance ratio for costs, time and effort, and return in terms of manpower and fees for stock exchanges, administration and brokerage

What can you gain?

With our automated foreign currency strategy FX:PATEA we achieve average returns between 20 and 30 percent per year. We split every potential return over the joint initial starting capital with you 50/50.

You're sceptical? Our performance is Always fully documented and publically available on all our Websites.

What's your risk?

Nigh on zero percent

And the other 100 percent?

Well, even if past performance does not guarantee future success, we know how good our algorithm is. We believe in our strategy.

That's why we're also prepared to take responsibility for the potential loss of your capital and fully take over the whole liability should our system FX:PATEA fail.

How does it work?

In order to use our automated trading system profitably, we open a joint account with interested private investors, i.e. a joint foreign exchange account, with an online broker, which enables us to trade currencies automatically.

Stock market experts call this Forex Trading.

We trust in JFD Brokers. You may find more about JFD here

Trust is good...

Our offer is optimized for start-up capital from EUR 50,000 and multiples thereof. As soon as our joint account has been successfully opened, you capitalise it by transferring your investment from a bank account of your choice. This bank account will be your personal reference account.

We will immediately transfer our liability investment with a factor of 0.25 as soon as your starting capital has been credited. If you transfer say EUR 50,000, we will add EUR 12,500 to that amount. Our liability investment covers exactly 20% of our own loss risk on every joint starting capital.

Control is better!

In the joint account, the broker has determined that no account holder can transfer money out of the account without permission from the other account holder.

During the term of our trading, neither you nor we will be able to transfer the joint starting capital and/or profit individually.

This will give you full control over your capital for the duration of our business.

24/5. Money never sleeps!

As soon as the joint initial starting capital has been credited to the account, we will start our Expert Advisor FX:PATEA on the next day - for the period, to the exact day, of six months. Foreign currency trading and hence our trading system runs non-stop from Sunday evening 11pm to Friday evening 11pm (CET).

Safety first!

To protect our capital as best as possible, a number of protection mechanisms have been programmed into our system.

We also closely monitor the global financial markets around the clock and partially or completely switch off the trading system for certain events such as interest rate decisions, elections, speeches by high-ranking individuals or news that can cause unexpectedly large movements on the international stock exchanges.

Financial experts call this high volatility.

We always prefer to avoid this one!

The EXIT Scenario

Should our trading system generate a loss of 20% (or more) of the joint initial starting capital during the term, all open positions will be closed automatically and trading will stop.

This ends our joint trading venture. In this case, your starting capital will be paid out in full and we lose our liability investment.


Exactly six months after the start, by midnight at the latest, we will manually close all transactions that are still open and switch off our trading system.

We will ask JFD Brokers to transfer your investment capital and half of the potential profit to your reference account. The same applies to us.

With your confirmation, the account will be emptied and trading successfully ended.


Before tax. The table shows possible scenarios and does not guarantee any profits.

Option 1: We take the full liability

Option 2: You carry the risk of loss yourself

If you are ready to take 20% of the risk of loss on your investment, you will be rewarded with a higher potential return. In this case, you will receive 70% of the potential profit. We keep a performance fee of 30%.


You are a private investor and want to achieve good returns at a low risk. You also want to stay in control of your investment capital. The investment horizon must be manageable.

We offer attractive returns for a beneficial investment over a period of six months. You never lose ownership of your investment capital.

You open a joint Forex account with us at our online broker JFD Brokers. All you need is an ID card and proof of address. You Invest 50,000 or 100,000 euros by transferring the money from your personal reference account. Neither party can transfer money out of the joint account without the other party's permission.

We will add liability investment with a factor of 0.25 of your starting capital to the joint account and run our Expert Advisor FX:PATEA for six months. Our liability investment will leverage our joint starting capital and enable us to potentially achieve a higher return. If you are ready to take 20% of the risk of loss on your investment, you will be rewarded with a higher potential return of 70%.

Scenario 1: Our trading ends with a profit

We will switch off the Expert Advisor after 6 months, spilt the potential profit 50/50 and liquidate the forex account with a joint confirmation of the transfer to our reference accounts.

Scenario 2: Our business ends with a loss

If the loss is 20% (or more) of the joint starting capital, the Expert Advisor is automatically switched off. In this case, your starting capital will be paid out in full and we lose our liability investment. If you have choosen to take the risk yourself, you will lose a maximum of 20% of your investment.

Are you interested?

Then take a look at our performance. We prove the success of our trading system transparently, publicly and completely with the help of the independent tracking platform Myfxbook.