Our world: The world of algorithms

When we decided to use automated trading systems in proprietary trading, so-called Expert Advisors in 2015, we decided to use MetaTrader 4. Why have we stopped trading discretionarily? Well, for us fully automated trading has three clear advantages over discretionary trading.


What exactly is an Expert Advisor?

An Expert Advisor, aka EA, is fundamentally a program code, an algorithm, that enables traders to fully automate the trading of one or more financial instruments on the stock market.

Fully automated means that transactions are opened, managed and closed according to an underlying trading strategy.

One could also call EAs trading robots.


Which returns can an EA achieve?

And can they beat 'the market' or professional and institutional Traders? inveus not only talks about success, but also proves it over the distance. Stable and documented performance is much more important to us than quick profit.

In black on white we trust...

Our prop trading live accounts at JFD Brokers, filled with real starting capital, will give you insight into the performance that our fully automated trading strategy, operated by our Expert Advisor called FX:PEA can offer.

Are you interested?

Then take a look at our performance. We prove the success of our trading system transparently, publicly and completely with the help of the independent tracking platform Myfxbook.